We make your Drain Problems flow away!

At America’s Plumbing Co., Inc., we do more than just clear your drains, we make them flow again! We do not the “Poke and Go” leader advertising that is common to our competitors. Our professional plumbing technicians will  simply diagnose with intentions of fixing your problem while keeping costs at a minimum. Opening a drain line and cleaning a drain line is not the same! Any repairs will be explained and outlined in a detailed estimate for approval.  We also offer Jetting services that will blow away clogs and our competition.

  • Bath Tubs
  • Floor Drains
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Urinals
  • Main Sewer Lines
  • Video Sewer Inspection

This is how our jetter can clean your sewer lines! 


Sewer machines can cut tree roots, dislodge debris and sludge to regain flow. Once a root has been cut, it will form a node, and then from that node will grow into a larger  more aggressive root mass.  Call us today to help We offer annual check ups to monitor root growth. High pressure jetting is a non invasive way of clearing sewer lines. Water is blasted thru a nozzle that is inserted into the sewer line and breaks up the blockage while blasting the remains into a flowing condition. In the event of a break, collapse or sag/belly we will diagnose and quote a detailed repair. We work and recommend outside Sewer and Water insurance coverage. Contact us Today!

Excellent. Above and beyond service. Fully trust their assessments, advice, and skills. Thanks, Jerry, and crew!

Gretchen C., Bloomington

I highly recommend America’s Plumbing. They did a treat job replacing my house drain. Matt was very respectful to my home, worked hard, and was very professional. When I received my bill it was exactly what the estimate said!

Jason P., Bloomington

America's Plumbing Company is quite simply the most honest, caring, and qualified plumber that I have ever employed. They are a family-based, cost-sensitive plumber that meets the needs of the family without selling them things that they do not need. There is not enough space to testify of just how great this company truly is! Thank you A.P.C.!!!!!

Chad S., Bloomington