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​Whether you have a finished basement or large storage area, it doesn't take much water to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Furthermore, clean up and replacement can be a nightmare lasting weeks if not months. To remove water and prevent a basement from becoming flooded, a sump pump is usually necessary. Primary sump pumps are powered by...
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How to Best Prevent Water Backups

​To save yourself from a major headache down the road, here are some helpful tips for avoiding water backups: Never pour cooking oil or grease down your drains; it can solidify and cause clogs.​Only flush bathroom tissue down the toilet (i.e. don't flush paper towels, disposable wipes, feminine products, etc).​Consider replacing your...
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Excellent. Above and beyond service. Fully trust their assessments, advice, and skills. Thanks, Jerry, and crew!

Gretchen C., Bloomington

Just had the pleasure of having Mark and Matt at my home. Very professional and knowledgeable plumbers. Hope I don't have to call again, but if I need a plumber they are on my speed dial! 

Peg S., Bloomington

America's Plumbing Company is quite simply the most honest, caring, and qualified plumber that I have ever employed. They are a family-based, cost-sensitive plumber that meets the needs of the family without selling them things that they do not need. There is not enough space to testify of just how great this company truly is! Thank you A.P.C.!!!!!

Chad S., Bloomington