America’s Plumbing Company specializes in all plumbing fixture replacements. Upgrading old faucets, toilets, or water heaters before emergencies happen will save you money and give a new look and feel to your home or business.

Old water piping slows flow and decreases pressure which results in poor performance. Aged piping is prone to possible leaks that may occur and cause mold or even damage to your structure.

Sewer waste piping that may be made of copper, galvanized, or cast iron tend to deteriorate over time and cause leakage and or clogs.

What ever outdated material that was used, we can offer a newer more sustainable material. Galvanized and lead can be replaced with copper and/or PEX. Cast iron or galvanized waste piping can be replaced with PVC that will improve the performance of your plumbing system.

Excellent. Above and beyond service. Fully trust their assessments, advice, and skills. Thanks, Jerry, and crew!

Gretchen C., Bloomington

Just had the pleasure of having Matt and the guys at my home. Very professional and knowledgeable plumbers. Hope I don't have to call again, but if I need a plumber they are on my speed dial! 

Peg S., Bloomington

America's Plumbing Company is quite simply the most honest, caring, and qualified plumber that I have ever employed. They are a family-based, cost-sensitive plumber that meets the needs of the family without selling them things that they do not need. There is not enough space to testify of just how great this company truly is! Thank you A.P.C.!!!!!

Chad S., Bloomington