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How to Best Prevent Water Backups

To save yourself from a major headache down the road, here are some helpful tips for avoiding water backups: 

  • Never pour cooking oil or grease down your drains; it can solidify and cause clogs.
  • Only flush bathroom tissue down the toilet (i.e. don't flush paper towels, disposable wipes, feminine products, etc).​

  • Consider replacing your water line with plastic pipe to prevent tree roots from entering it. Old clay tile pipes can easily crack, providing an easy entry for tree roots.​

  • Consult a sump pump professional, typically a plumber, to check your sump pump regularly and look for any pre-existing drainage system issues.​

  • Install a backwater prevention valve to prevent sewer backups; in fact, most new homes are built with this already installed.​

  • Buy a battery backup or water powered sump pump to keep your sump pump running when the power goes out; you don't want to chance having your basement flooded.


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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Excellent. Above and beyond service. Fully trust their assessments, advice, and skills. Thanks, Jerry, and crew!

Gretchen C., Bloomington

I highly recommend America’s Plumbing. They did a treat job replacing my house drain. Matt was very respectful to my home, worked hard, and was very professional. When I received my bill it was exactly what the estimate said!

Jason P., Bloomington

America's Plumbing Company is quite simply the most honest, caring, and qualified plumber that I have ever employed. They are a family-based, cost-sensitive plumber that meets the needs of the family without selling them things that they do not need. There is not enough space to testify of just how great this company truly is! Thank you A.P.C.!!!!!

Chad S., Bloomington